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Turnkey installations

The initial phase of your ecological project involves site inspection and includes: location assessment, shade analysis, and structural analysis of the roof or soil. During the inspection, we will be happy to answer all your questions and explain the benefits of a solar installation, and the subsidies available. This service is free of charge

With the data collected during the inspection, we will prepare a detailed plan and a complete offer for the construction of a turnkey plant including all permits and documentation for obtaining subsidies

Obtaining the necessary permits is crucial to the implementation of a photovoltaic system. There
We deal with the identification, acquisition and management of permits required by local authorities
and service companies. With years of experience, we ensure regulatory compliance and
complete documentation, saving customers time and trouble. In about 4 weeks
all licenses will be ready.

our staff certified for work on high ground with over 200 installations completed, will lay the
your solar system on the roof of your home quickly and cleanly, while that
our certified electricians (AFC) will connect the system to the grid. In 5 days your
plant will be ready for the testing and certification phase

Testing and certification follow immediately after the installation of the system, as well as
The submission of documentation required for obtaining the various grants available.
All these services are performed by our staff. .
Your plant is now connected to the grid and you are now an energy producer.

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What we do

Increasing adoption of solar energy is a key step toward a greener planet and a more sustainable economy

Our services include a site inspection to determine the best solar panel system for your location and energy requirements. We also take care of obtaining the necessary permissions and authorizations to install your system. We provide a complete supply and installation service, including installation of panels, mounting structures, inverters and other necessary equipment. Our qualified technicians also take care of electrical connections and testing to ensure that your system works optimally.

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