SOLAR eBike charger - system & design Pantented

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Increasingly we are surprised to see electric bicycles in unexpected places. On top of mountains, parked outside huts and restaurants, in hotels, through mountain paths; they are more and more popular and present in our lives. In addition to giving everyone the opportunity to visit by bike places that would otherwise be unreachable, they partly fulfill the need for movement that our body requires. It is a fact that e-bike tourism is growing exponentially and the various operators in the sector are becoming aware of it. It's time to get involved. Unfortunately, the excursions both in the city and in the mountains are conditioned by the level of the batteries of our bicycle. A need arose the idea of ​​having a fast and independent recharge located a bit 'anywhere or at any place in strategic places. Not only the areas are not served by the electricity network (cyclists, mountain refuges, huts, restaurants, picnic areas, etc., etc.), but also for hotels, restaurants, shops, tourist offices, managers of cyclists and private individuals. The idea has found great interest among various operators questioned also because the ample space available for advertising as well as to cover the initial investment in a short time, can become possible sources of important annual income.
The first prototype is in operation at ( please refer to the reference letter from the owner
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